The Heart of Cat Rescue in Wichita

Cat Rescue Needs Continues Daily

Organizations focusing on taking care of cats in Wichita play a big part in addressing the problems of runaways, thrown-out, and given-away cats back to the community. 

They don’t just take in cats, rehabilitate, and give them homes, but also take part in thinking about and preventing future consequences. For example, they educate people about what they should know about domesticating and taking care of animal friends.

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Wichita Animal Action League (WAAL)

Founded to rescue animals in peril, Wichita Animal Action League (WAAL) is an organization dedicated to cat rescue. WAAL provides medical care, fostering, and adoption services for cats in need. They also advocate for animal welfare and participating in TNR programs in the community. Additionally, they work to manage the population of feral cats. They are a go-to resource for abandoned, mistreated, and abused cats. You can contact WAAL at (316) 640-1545, or visit the WAAL website.

Kansas Humane Society

The Kansas Humane Society is a leading organization focusing on animal welfare in Wichita, and renders a wide range of services for felines. The services the society provides includes but is not limited to, adoption, cat lost and found services alongside a spaying and neutering program. This society provides resources for education, and all to inform the community about pet care and responsibility, and resources for educational process come from the Kansas Humane Society. You can get in contact with the Kansas Humane Society at their website

Services Offered by Cat Rescue Organizations

Adoption Plans: Adoptive programs match recused cats cautiously with appropriate embracers, making certain both house’s relevant connection is reached.  
Rehabilitation: Brief healing provides cats while waiting to be embraced.
Sickbay Stay: A sickly cats room as a wellness assessment, vacationing, castration, or other surgical assignments and valuable therapies to keep them as healthy as they can be.
Education and Outreach: Many rescues engage in community education, teaching about the importance of spaying/neutering, proper pet care, and the benefits of adopting from shelters.

How to Support Cat Rescue Efforts in Wichita

Residents and visitors can support the operations of various cat rescue organizations located in Wichita in a number of ways:

1. Adopt A Pet- When you choose to adopt a rescued pet, you not only give it a new lease on life, but also free up much-needed kennel space so we can continue our mission of local pet rescue.
2. Donate Money and Supplies- Without your financial assistance, we could not manage the growing number of local pets who need our help. We ask people, like you, to donate in several ways.
3. Work As a Volunteer- We could always use help caring for the growing number of pets we are housing. We ask people interested in volunteering do donate as much of their free time as possible.

Creating a Better Future for Cats:

Cat rescue organizations in Wichita are vital to the health and safety of countless cats and kittens each year. Through their dedicated efforts in rescue, rehabilitation, and rehoming, along with community education and spay/neuter initiatives, these groups work towards a future where every cat is valued and cared for. Supporting these organizations, whether through adoption, volunteering, or donations, contributes to their essential work and the well-being of cats across the community.


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