Elected Officials Wichita, State & Federal

Understanding the Roles of Key Elected Officials

Wichita, as a pivotal city in Kansas, is represented by a range of elected officials who play significant roles in both local governance and at the state and national levels. These individuals, elected by the public, are responsible for making decisions shaping the future of Wichita and its residents. 

This overview will highlight key elected officials including the governor, congressional and senate representatives, the mayor of Wichita, the district attorney, and other notable figures who influence the city’s legislative and administrative landscape.

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The Mayor of Wichita: Duties and Responsibilities

The Mayor of Wichita is a central figure in the city’s governance, responsible for overseeing the city’s administrative functions and representing the city’s interests. The mayor works closely with the Wichita City Council to enact local policies, manage the city budget, and drive initiatives promoting the city’s growth and well-being.

District Attorney

The District Attorney for Sedgwick County, in which Wichita is located, is pivotal in the local justice system. Tasked with prosecuting criminal cases on behalf of the public, the district attorney’s office plays a crucial role in maintaining law and order, ensuring justice is served, and upholding the rights of victims and the accused.

Governor of Kansas

The Governor of Kansas holds the highest state executive office and plays a crucial role in state governance, including the implementation of state laws, the administration of the state budget, and the oversight of state agencies. The governor’s policies and initiatives directly impact Wichita, especially in areas like education, transportation, and public safety.

Congressional Representatives

Wichita falls within Kansas’s 4th Congressional District, represented in the United States House of Representatives. The congressional representative from this district advocates for Wichita’s interests at the national level, dealing with matters affecting the city and its residents, including federal funding, national policy decisions, and economic development initiatives.

Senators from Kansas

Kansas is represented by two senators in the United States Senate, who play a vital role in federal legislation affecting Wichita. These senators address state-wide issues at the national level, including economic, environmental, and social policies with a direct impact on Wichita and its communities.

City Council Members of Henderson: Representation and Legislation

City Council members in Henderson are pivotal in representing the interests of their constituents and enacting local laws and policies.  

Each council member represents a specific ward, ensuring the diverse voices of Henderson’s residents are heard in city governance. 

They are involved in decision-making processes affecting local laws, community projects, and city services. 

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Elected Officials for Kansas / Wichita

Wichita / Kansas Elected Officials:

Mayor Lily Wu:  (316) 268-4331

District Attorney for Sedgwick County:  Marc Bennett  

Kansas Senators:
Jerry Moran

Roger M.D. Marshall

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