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Are you ready to take an exciting journey as a business owner? Would you like to set your own hours and your own income?  Would you like to work from anywhere in the world? 

Announcing the Expansion of 1st City Guides 225+  websites…

The City Guide program of 1stCityGuide.com / ReedConsortium.com is ever changing to meet the needs of clients.  Starting in 2024 we will be offering opportunities for people worldwide to participate in our Licensee City Guide Program.  Call today to reserve your city, only one Licensee per city. . .

Prepare to be Amazed . . . 
Our City Guides empower individuals like you to create a thriving online business even if you never owned a business prior.
Imagine being in charge of the go-to resource for locals and tourists, providing valuable insights, recommendations, and hidden secrets in your city.
Expanding worldwide, and you can participate 1st Las Vegas Guide
Are you new to the Internet or new to owning and operating your own business?  No problem.  You will receive a fully operating business, including a modern website ready for you to expand and reap the benefits.

4 – Qualifications to Participate

1.  Want to own your own business and set your own hours
2.  Want to answer to yourself and work from any location
3.  Complete Cost: Spend as little as $4,995.
4.  Speak English and be a self starter

Bonus Included

1.  Follow proven 30+ year blueprint making money secret Handbook  
2.  Mentorship included in cost for 3+ years maximizing your success


Look no further - 1st City Guide Project gives you everything you want in a business.

What sets 1st City Guide apart is our commitment to your success. As a new owner, you will receive direct Mentoring from experienced professionals for minimum of the first three years.   You will receive a secret handbook filled with day-to-day proven techniques and more.  The Handbook is from the leading City Guide expert, Richard Reed.  Learn the proven ins and outs of running a successful online City Guide while benefitting from industry 30+ year veterans’ expertise.

Work from Anywhere — Set Your Own Hours

1st Henderson Guide work from anywhere 1stHendersonGuide.com

1st City Guide offers you low-cost up front investment, and provides a flexible and scalable business model.  Build a part-time venture or a full-time business with the potential for substantial income and financial freedom.  Become the authority of a city.  Build your own destiny.  Ready to unleash your entrepreneurial spirit with 1st City Guide Project? Join our community of passionate City Guide owners and unlock the potential of entrepreneurship while connecting with your community.  Call 702-210-4201 today…


You are invited to join the worldwide family of business people making their fortune, expanding the City Guide Brand… Act today as only one city can be developed by one person.  First come first served… 

Expansion City Guide Programs

We List Only the Best

1st Wichita Guide is not a list of every business. Our website highlights only the best businesses / places / events are featured within these pages. This makes Wichita even more magical for residents and visitors alike.

Wichita Kansas 1st City Guide 702-210-4201

Advertise Your Company

You can be seen by a high quality audience when you place an advertisement on 1st Wichita Guide. Not all companies are accepted… Call 702-232-1908 to be have your company seen by affluent buyers. You will be amazed how with the low price.

1st City Guide Expansion

1stCityGuide.com is the parent company of 225+ city guides worldwide. We are expanding and looking for Licensee partners to work together and provide a quality income when sharing the secrets of great cities around the world with visitors and residents alike. Call 702-210-4201 to discuss pricing and city guide availabilities.

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