Electric Needs of Wichita

Understanding the Framework of Electric Supply

Electric services in Wichita are primarily provided by Evergy, a prominent utility company emerging from the consolidation of Westar Energy and Kansas City Power & Light. This merger created a robust entity dedicated to serving the electric needs of Wichita and the broader region, marking a significant chapter in the city’s utility services history. Evergy’s commitment to reliability, customer service, and innovation has positioned it as a key player in the energy sector.  This makes sure Wichita’s residents and businesses have access to dependable electric services.

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Evergy - Residential - Wichita

Customer Service: Available 24/7
Phone:  800-383-1183       888-471-5275

Evergy - Emergency Contact

Outages & Emergencies
Phone:  888-544-4852

Call Before you dig:  811

Evergy's Role in Wichita

Evergy’s operations in Wichita encompass a wide range of services, from the generation and distribution of electricity to the maintenance of the electric grid and customer support. The company’s mission extends beyond merely supplying power; it aims to enhance the quality of life in the communities it serves by providing sustainable energy solutions and engaging in environmental stewardship.

Energy Generation

A critical aspect of Evergy’s operations is its focus on sustainable energy generation. The company has made significant investments in renewable energy sources, including wind and solar power, to diversify its energy portfolio and reduce its environmental footprint. These efforts reflect Evergy’s commitment to sustainability and its response to the growing demand for clean energy in Wichita and beyond.

Infrastructure and Grid Modernization

Evergy is continuously investing in the modernization of its infrastructure to improve the reliability and efficiency of its services. This includes upgrading transmission and distribution systems, implementing smart grid technologies, and enhancing cybersecurity measures to protect the grid. These initiatives are crucial for meeting Wichita’s current and future energy needs, minimizing outages, and ensuring a resilient power supply.

Customer Service and Community Engagement

Evergy places a strong emphasis on customer service and community engagement. The company offers a variety of programs designed to assist customers in managing their energy usage and bills, including energy efficiency audits, rebates for energy-saving appliances, and payment assistance programs for those in need. Additionally, Evergy actively participates in community development projects, supporting local initiatives and organizations contributing to the well-being of Wichita’s residents.

Challenges and Opportunities

As Wichita grows, Evergy faces the challenge of scaling its services to meet increasing demand while also navigating the complexities of the energy market and regulatory environment. The transition to more sustainable energy sources, while essential, requires careful planning and significant investment. However, these challenges also present opportunities for innovation and the development of new services benefitting Wichita’s economy and environmental health.

Looking Forward

Evergy’s vision for the future includes expanding its renewable energy capacity, further modernizing its infrastructure, and enhancing customer service through technological advancements. By focusing on sustainability, reliability, and community partnership, Evergy is poised to play a pivotal role in Wichita’s development, contributing to a future where clean, reliable, and affordable energy is accessible to all.

Evergy’s provision of electric services in Wichita is characterized by a commitment to excellence, innovation, and sustainability. As the city continues to evolve, Evergy’s efforts to meet the changing needs of its community, invest in renewable energy, and modernize its infrastructure will be critical to ensuring a stable, sustainable energy future for Wichita.

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