Water Services in Wichita

Ensuring a Reliable Water Supply

Water services in Wichita are crucial for ensuring the city’s residents and businesses have access to clean and reliable water for drinking, sanitation, and various other needs. These services are provided by the City of Wichita’s Public Works & Utilities Department, which is dedicated to the efficient management of the city’s water supply and wastewater treatment. 

This department’s efforts are foundational to public health, environmental protection, and the overall quality of life in Wichita.

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Management of Wichita's Water Supply

The City of Wichita’s Public Works & Utilities Department oversees the collection, treatment, and distribution of water. The city’s water supply is sourced from two primary locations: the Cheney Reservoir and the Equus Beds Aquifer. These sources undergo rigorous treatment processes at municipal water treatment facilities to meet or exceed safety standards set by environmental and health regulations, ensuring the water’s safety and quality before it reaches consumers.

Water Treatment and Distribution

Water treatment in Wichita involves several stages, including sedimentation, filtration, and disinfection, to remove impurities and pathogens. The city’s state-of-the-art treatment facilities are equipped with advanced technology to monitor and control the treatment process, ensuring the water’s purity and taste. Once treated, water is distributed through an extensive network of pipes, pumps, and storage facilities to provide consistent service to homes, businesses, and public spaces throughout Wichita.

Wastewater Management

In addition to supplying clean water, Wichita’s Public Works & Utilities Department is responsible for the collection and treatment of wastewater. The city operates wastewater treatment plants processing sewage and runoff, treating it to remove contaminants before the cleaned water is released back into the environment or reused. This process is vital for protecting local waterways, aquatic life, and public health by preventing pollution and the spread of disease.

Las Vegas Valley Water District

Public Works & Utilities

455 N. Main St., 8th Floor
Wichita, KS 67202

M-W & F: 8am – 5pm   Th: 9am – 5pm
Closed Weekends and Holidays


Who to Contact:

For customer service/billing  questions: (316) 265 -1300

For emergency water leaks or  sewer stoppages:   (316) 262-6000

Conservation Efforts

Wichita is committed to water conservation and the sustainable management of its water resources. The city implements various programs and initiatives to encourage efficient water use among residents and businesses, including water-saving tips, rebate programs for water-efficient appliances, and educational campaigns on the importance of conservation. These efforts help ensure the long-term availability of water resources for the city’s growing needs.

Challenges and Innovations

As Wichita faces the challenges of climate variability, population growth, and aging infrastructure, the Public Works & Utilities Department is continually seeking innovative solutions to enhance the resilience and efficiency of water services. This includes upgrading infrastructure, exploring new water source options, and investing in research and technology to improve water treatment and conservation practices.

Engaging the Community

The success of Wichita’s water services is also dependent on community engagement. The city encourages residents to participate in conservation efforts, report leaks or water quality issues, and take advantage of programs designed to reduce water waste. Through this collaborative approach, Wichita aims to foster a community actively contributing to the long range management of water resources.

The provision of water services in Wichita is a comprehensive effort involving ensuring the availability of clean water, treating wastewater responsibly, and engaging the community in conservation practices. Through the dedicated work of the City of Wichita’s Public Works & Utilities Department and the active participation of residents, Wichita is able to maintain high-quality water services supporting the city’s health, environmental sustainability, and overall quality of life.

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