Bravery of Wichita Fire & Rescue Services

Vital Services for Community Safety

Henderson’s Fire Rescue and Fire Departments play a critical role in ensuring the safety and well-being of the city’s residents and businesses.  What are the primary responsibilities and services provided by Henderson’s Fire Rescue and Fire Departments?

These departments are tasked with responding to fire emergencies, conducting search and rescue operations, and providing emergency medical services. Their presence is essential for addressing emergencies swiftly and effectively. 

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Fire Stations and Their Strategic Locations in Henderson

The strategic positioning of fire stations across Henderson is key to providing timely and efficient emergency responses.  How are fire stations strategically located throughout Henderson? The city’s fire stations are positioned to ensure optimal coverage and quick response times for all areas, including residential, commercial, and industrial zones. Factors like population density, historical data on emergency calls, and traffic patterns are considered in station placements. 

Advanced Training and Equipment of Fire Personnel

Henderson’s fire personnel are equipped with advanced training and state-of-the-art equipment to handle a variety of emergency situations.  Firefighters in Henderson undergo rigorous training in fire suppression, emergency medical response, hazardous material handling, and disaster management. They are equipped with the latest gear and technology, including advanced firefighting apparatus, protective clothing, and life-saving medical equipment. These resources enhance their effectiveness in emergencies?

Fire Prevention and Safety Education Programs

The fire departments in Henderson actively engage in fire prevention and safety education programs for the community.  What initiatives do Henderson’s fire departments undertake for fire prevention and safety education? Programs may include community workshops on fire safety practices, school visits for fire prevention education, and public demonstrations of fire equipment. These educational efforts aim to raise awareness about fire hazards and teach residents how to prevent and respond to fires. What impact do these educational programs have on community safety?

Location of the 9 Henderson Fire & Rescue Stations

There are 9 Fire Stations strategically placed around Henderson.  However they are numbered below as to the number assigned each Fire Station over the years.  This number is also called their Engine Company

  • Station 81 at 600 College Dr.
  • Station 92 at 401 Parkson Rd.
  • Station 93 at 100 Burkholder Blvd.
  • Station 94 at 400 N Valle Verde Dr.
  • Station 95 at 2300 PEBBLE RD.
  • Station 96 at 96 VIA ANTINCENDIO.
  • Station 97 at 1550 AMADOR LN.
  • Station 98 at 891 CORONADO CENTER DR.
  • Station 99 at 2401 ATCHLEY DR.

Location of the 21 Las Vegas Fire & Rescue Stations

There are 21 Fire Stations strategically placed around Las Vegas.  However they are numbered below as to the number assigned each Fire Station over the years.  This number is also called their Engine Company

Fire Station 1: 500 N. Casino Center Blvd
Fire Station 2: 900 S. Durango Dr
Fire Station 3: 2645 W. Washington Ave
Fire Station 4: 421 S. 15th St
Fire Station 5: 1020 Hinson St
Fire Station 6: 1680 S. Torrey Pines Dr
Fire Station 7: 10101 Banburry Cross Dr
Fire Station 8: 805 N. Mojave Rd
Fire Station 9: 4747 N. Rainbow Blvd
Fire Station 10: 1501 S. Martin L. King Blvd
Fire Station 41: 6989 N. Buffalo Dr
Fire Station 42: 7331 W. Cheyenne Ave
Fire Station 43: 6420 Smoke Ranch Rd
Fire Station 44: 7701 W. Washington Ave
Fire Station 45: 3821 N. Fort Apache Rd
Fire Station 47: 911 N Ridge Pine St
Fire Station 48: 9133 W. Elkhorn Rd
Fire Station 103: 190 Upland Blvd (old Station 6)
Fire Station 106: 1888 Stella Lake St
Fire Station 107: 9398 Sundial Dr
Fire Station 108: 4555 E. Bonanza Rd

Challenges Faced by Fire Departments in Henderson

Fire departments in Henderson face various challenges, from handling increasing emergency calls to adapting to urban expansion.   Challenges include a rising number of emergency calls due to population growth, evolving nature of fire and rescue operations, and the need for continuous training and equipment upgrades. Strategies to address these challenges may involve expanding workforce, enhancing training programs, and acquiring advanced equipment. 

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