The Police and Wichita

A Pillar of Safety and Community

The Wichita Police Department (WPD) stands as quality law enforcement and community partnership in Wichita, Kansas. With a commitment to integrity, professionalism, and service, the WPD works tirelessly to ensure the safety and security of all residents and visitors.

The WPD offers a wide array of policing services, designed to address the diverse needs of the Wichita community.


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Dedicated Patrol Divisions

Serving the city’s varied districts, the patrol divisions are the frontline of the WPD’s efforts to maintain peace and security. Officers patrol neighborhoods, respond to emergencies, and work closely with community members to solve local issues.  

The department boasts specialized units such as the K-9 Unit, Bomb Squad, and SWAT Team, equipped to handle specific types of incidents and complex challenges. These units exemplify the department’s versatility and readiness to address any situation.

Community Policing and Public Engagement

Building trust and generating strong relationships within the community are central to the WPD’s mission. Through programs like neighborhood policing and community liaison officers, the WPD engages directly with residents. This type of activity builds mutual respect and cooperation. These initiatives aim to create a safer environment by working together with the community to identify and solve problems. No police force in the world can be effective without the support and contributions for the citizens they protect.

Police Facility in Wichita

Patrol North: 350-3400
Patrol South: 350-3440
Patrol East: 350-3420
Patrol West: 350-3460

Fallen Heroes Never Forgotten for Wichita Police EOW

Captain Clay Morsell Germany  Friday, July 9, 2021  Cause: COVID19
Lieutenant John Eugene Galvin  Saturday, November 4, 2000  Cause: Explosion
Police Officer Danny Dean Laffey  Tuesday, January 5, 1982  Cause: Struck by vehicle
Police Officer Paul Garofalo  Saturday, November 8, 1980  Cause: Gunfire
Patrolman David A. Kenyon  Friday, October 26, 1962  Cause: Gunfire
Detective Merle Rankin Colver  Friday, August 14, 1931  Cause: Gunfire
Lieutenant James O. Pugh  Thursday, July 31, 1930   Cause: Motorcycle crash
Patrolman Paul E. Gilmore  Friday, July 18, 1930  Cause: Motorcycle crash
Patrolman Joseph Earl Marshall  Monday, August 29, 1927  Cause: Gunfire
Patrolman Vernon E. Ogden  Sunday, June 26, 1927  Cause: Vehicle pursuit
Patrolman Edward W. Hall  Friday, April 10, 1925  Cause: Gunfire
Patrolman Harrison R. Brown  Monday, January 5, 1925  Cause: Gunfire
Patrolman Robert C. Scudder  Friday, November 30, 1923  Cause: Gunfire
Detective Charles E. Galloway  Sunday, July 15, 1923  Cause: Duty related illness
Detective Charles D. Hoffman  Friday, November 25, 1921  Cause: Gunfire
Patrolman Robert Fitzpatrick  Monday, November 21, 1921  Cause: Gunfire
Patrolman A. L. Young  Saturday, November 5, 1921 Cause: Gunfire
Detective William H. Ballard  Tuesday, July 20, 1920  Cause: Gunfire
Captain Frank W. Griswold  Sunday, May 23, 1915  Cause: Gunfire
Detective William L. Humphries  Tuesday, February 23, 1915  Cause: Gunfire
Patrolman S. A. Hartzell  Friday, December 14, 1888  Cause: Gunfire
Patrolman Henry Ebenhack  Monday, September 24, 1888  Cause: Gunfire
Patrolman J. W. Kerwin  Friday, March 23, 1888  Cause: Gunfire (Inadvertent)
K9 Rooster  Saturday, March 18, 2017  Cause: Gunfire

Training and Professional Development

The WPD is committed to the highest standards of professionalism and excellence. Continuous training and professional development are fundamental to maintaining a skilled, knowledgeable, and effective police force.  Officers undergo rigorous training in various areas, including tactical response, crisis intervention, and de-escalation techniques. These programs fulfills the WPD personnel are prepared to handle any situation with competence and care.  Leadership development and ethical policing are pillars of the WPD’s training philosophy. By fostering a culture of integrity and accountability, the department provides its members lead by example, both within the organization and in the community.

The Wichita Police Department is a critical component of the city’s fabric, providing essential services making sure public safety and foster a sense of community. Through its comprehensive approach to law enforcement, community engagement, and accessibility, the WPD demonstrates its unwavering dedication to making Wichita a safe and welcoming place for everyone. Residents are encouraged to connect with their local stations to learn more about services, programs, and ways to get involved in community safety efforts.

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