Wichita Family Friendly

Wichita is a city cherishing its families, offering a wide range of activities and attractions suitable for all ages. This web page explores the various family-friendly options available in Wichita.

Kid-Friendly Attractions

Wichita boasts numerous attractions perfect for families. Exploration Place, with its interactive science exhibits, offers educational fun for kids. The Sedgwick County Zoo is another favorite, home to hundreds of species and engaging wildlife experiences.

The Wichita Children’s Museum, designed for younger kids, encourages learning through play. Here, hands-on activities and creative exhibits spark curiosity and imagination. These places are not just about entertainment; they’re about creating lasting family memories.

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Discover the Family-Friendly Attractions in Wichita

Wichita’s broad spectrum of family-friendly offerings makes it an ideal city for families to live, visit, and explore. From its dining and shopping establishments to its accommodations and public spaces, the city goes above and beyond to make sure families feel welcome and engaged.

Wichita’s approach to family friendliness is holistic, encompassing not only entertainment and leisure but also education and community involvement. As the city continues to grow and evolve, its commitment to being a family-friendly destination remains steadfast.  It promises a welcoming and nurturing environment for all families.

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Children 0-12

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Partial List of Wichita & Surrounding Area Family Attractions

1. Sedgwick County Zoo: A premier attraction with diverse animal exhibits.
2. Exploration Place: Interactive science museum with hands-on exhibits.
3. Botanica, The Wichita Gardens: Beautiful botanical gardens with themed areas.
4. Old Cowtown Museum: A living history museum showcasing 19th-century life.
5. Wichita Art Museum: Features American art collections and family programs.
6. Great Plains Nature Center: Offers nature trails and wildlife exhibits.
7. The Keeper of the Plains: Iconic sculpture with a nightly Ring of Fire lighting.
8. Wichita-Sedgwick County Historical Museum: Explores local history through engaging displays.
9. Rock River Rapids: A fun-filled water park for family outings.
10. Tanganyika Wildlife Park: Interactive animal encounters and exhibits.
11. All Star Adventures: Amusement park with mini-golf, go-karts, and arcade games.
12. Kansas Aviation Museum: Chronicles Kansas’ aviation history with aircraft displays.
13. Wichita Ice Center: Indoor ice skating and hockey facility.
14. Mid-America All-Indian Center: Celebrates Native American culture and art.
15. Wichita Toy Train Club and Museum: Offers model train displays and interactive exhibits.
16. Lake Afton Public Observatory: Public stargazing and astronomy education programs.
17. Ulrich Museum of Art at WSU: Modern and contemporary art exhibitions.
18. The Arcade: Classic and modern arcade games for all ages.
19. O.J. Watson Park: Offers fishing, pedal boats, and mini-golf.
20. Derby Skate Park: A modern facility for skateboarding and BMX biking.
21. Wichita Scottish Rite Center: Hosts cultural events in a historic venue.
22. Greenwich Place Shopping Center: Outdoor mall with family-friendly events and play areas.
23. Sedgwick Park: Features playgrounds, sports fields, and picnic areas.
24. West Side Athletic Fields: Venue for youth sports and outdoor activities.
25. Chapin Dog Park: Off-leash area for family pets to play.
26. Pawnee Prairie Park: Offers horseback riding trails and nature walks.
27. Bel Aire Splash Park: A community water play area for children.
28. Bradley Fair: Shopping and dining with seasonal family events.
29. Maize City Pool: A family-friendly aquatic center with slides.
30. Douglas Design District: Arts and culture district with shops and murals.
31. Riverside Park: Scenic park with playgrounds and a zoo.
32. Wichita Public Library: Hosts educational programs and story times for kids.
33. Naftzger Park: Urban park with events and green space.
34. Wichita Sports Forum: Indoor sports complex with trampolines and courts.
35. Sedgwick County Extension Arboretum: Educational garden displays.
36. Starlite Drive-In: Offers a retro movie-going experience.
37. Wichita Symphony Orchestra: Family concerts and musical education.
38. Kansas Firefighters Museum: Honors heroes and teaches fire safety.
39. Eastborough Park: Features a playground and walking paths.
40. Wichita Rail Road Museum: Showcases the city’s railway history.
41. The Art Park: Art classes and workshops for families.
42. Rock Island Trail: Paved path for biking and walking.
43. Wichita Toy Train Museum: Interactive fun with model trains.
44. Crown Uptown Theatre: Family-friendly theater productions.
45. McConnell Air Force Base Outdoor Recreation: Activities for military families.
46. Kansas Wildlife Exhibit: Small zoo within Central Riverside Park.
47. Wichita Thunder Hockey: Exciting games at INTRUST Bank Arena.
48. CityArts: Artistic workshops and classes for all ages.
49. Wichita Art Museum Art Garden: Outdoor sculpture exhibitions.
50. Old Town Farmer’s Market: Local produce and crafts.
51. Wichita Scottish Rite Center: Historical tours and events.
52. The Alley Indoor Entertainment: Bowling and arcade games.
53. Sedgwick County Extension Arboretum: Displays Kansas plant life.
54. Lake Afton Public Observatory: Astronomy education for families.
55. Wichita Ice Center: Public skating and ice sports.
56. Wichita Public Library: Family reading programs and events.
57. Kansas Aviation Museum: Aviation history and aircraft exhibits.
58. Great Plains Nature Center: Wildlife and nature trails.
59. Botanica, The Wichita Gardens: Themed gardens and educational programs.
60. Exploration Place: Science and discovery exhibits for kids.
61. Sedgwick County Zoo: Diverse animal exhibits and educational programs.
62. Old Cowtown Museum: Living history museum of the 19th century.
63. Wichita Art Museum: American art and family-friendly activities.
64. The Keeper of the Plains: Iconic statue and ceremonial Ring of Fire.
65. Wichita-Sedgwick County Historical Museum: Wichita’s history through interactive exhibits.
66. Rock River Rapids: Seasonal water park with slides and pools.
67. Tanganyika Wildlife Park: Close encounters with exotic animals.
68. All Star Adventures: Go-karts, mini-golf, and arcade.
69. Kansas Wildlife Exhibit: Native animals in Riverside Park.
70. Wichita Rail Road Museum: Train history and exhibits.
71. O.J. Watson Park: Mini-golf, pedal boats, and picnics.
72. Mid-America All-Indian Center: Native American art and history.
73. Derby Skate Park: Skateboarding and BMX facilities.
74. Wichita Scottish Rite Center: Cultural events in a historic venue.
75. Greenwich Place Shopping Center: Shopping and family entertainment.
76. Sedgwick Park: Outdoor sports and playgrounds.
77. West Side Athletic Fields: Youth sports facilities.
78. Chapin Dog Park: Space for dogs to play.
79. Pawnee Prairie Park: Nature trails and horseback riding.
80. Bel Aire Splash Park: Summer fun with water features.

Educational and Interactive Museums

The Exploration Place, located in Wichita’s scenic riverside area, offers interactive science exhibits perfect for curious minds of all ages.  Wichita’s Museum of World Treasures houses an extensive collection, from dinosaur fossils to ancient Egyptian artifacts, sparking imagination and learning.  The Kansas Aviation Museum, set in a historic airport terminal, provides an up-close look at Kansas’ aviation heritage, inspiring future aviators.  Old Cowtown Museum offers a unique, immersive experience into 19th-century Kansas life, blending education with hands-on historical activities.

Educational Opportunities Beyond the Classroom

The Mid-America All-Indian Center not only educates about the local Native American history but also hosts events and workshops for families. The star-gazing sessions at the Lake Afton Public Observatory offer a unique educational experience under Wichita’s night sky.  The Ulrich Museum of Art at Wichita State University provides an artistic outing, with its diverse collection and family-friendly art programs.

Learning Centers

Moreover, the city’s ability to blend educational content with entertaining experiences means families can enjoy quality time while also gaining new knowledge and insights. This blend of education and entertainment is key to Wichita’s appeal as a family-friendly destination.

The offerings in Wichita provide not just temporary amusement but opportunities for creating lasting memories. The experiences gained in Wichita’s museums, parks, theaters, and festivals are more than just activities; they are the building blocks of lifelong learning and family bonding. They encourage exploration, ignite curiosity, and foster a sense of wonder in both children and adults.

Seasonal Festivities and Year-Round Fun

Wichita Riverfest is an annual event, offers a range of family-friendly activities.  From parades to fireworks, this event attracts locals and visitors alike.  The city’s Botanica Gardens transform during the holiday season into a luminous wonderland, perfect for creating lasting family memories.  Tanganyika Wildlife Park, just outside Wichita, provides an interactive experience with exotic animals, ideal for animal-loving families.  The Wichita Toy Train Club and Museum delights both children and adults with its intricate model train displays and interactive exhibits.

Educational Opportunities Beyond the Classroom

A sign of knowledge, Wichita has numerous public libraries.  They offer regular family-friendly programming, including story times, educational workshops, and book clubs for children.  The Mid-America All-Indian Center not only educates about the local Native American history but also hosts events and workshops for families.  
For you star chasers, sessions at the Lake Afton Public Observatory offer a unique educational experience under Wichita’s night sky.  The Ulrich Museum of Art at Wichita State University provides an artistic outing, with its diverse collection and family-friendly art programs.

Emphasis on Safe and Fun Learning Environments

Wichita proves a city can be both a playground and a classroom.  It is a place where families can grow and learn together. So, for families looking for a destination offering both fun and educational value, Wichita stands out as a perfect choice. Its diverse array of attractions provides every family trip is not just enjoyable, but also an opportunity for growth, learning, and creating cherished memories together.

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