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Wichita, Kansas, though not densely populated with medical schools, plays a crucial role in medical education through its key institution and associated facilities. The primary medical school located in Wichita is a significant contributor to the medical and healthcare workforce in the region. Below is an overview of this institution, University of Kansas School of Medicine-Wichita. Also listed below we have details on additional educational resources and opportunities for aspiring medical professionals in the Wichita area.

University of Kansas School of Medicine-Wichita

* 1010 N. Kansas St., Wichita, KS 67214
* 316-293-2635
* Website:

The KU School of Medicine-Wichita is a premier medical education institution. The school was founded with the needs of the state and its residents in mind. It concentrates on serving the various needs of the people of Kansas. The Wichita campus excels in educating medical students, residents, and fellows. The school teaches the practice of primary care and rural medicine. This coupled with the practicing in many other medical avenues provides a well rounded academic facility.

Programs and Opportunities

1. Doctor of Medicine (MD) Program: The KU School of Medicine-Wichita offers a four-year MD program, with clinical experiences in various specialties. The curriculum is designed to combine basic sciences and clinical medicine starting in the first year.
2. Residency and Fellowship Programs: Postgraduate training in primary care and various specialties is available. This provides residents and fellows with hands-on experience in patient care across multiple hospital and clinics in the Wichita area.
3. Research Opportunities: Students and residents have opportunities to engage in research, benefiting from the school’s working relationship with local healthcare institutions and research centers.

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Affiliated Hospitals and Clinics

The KU School of Medicine-Wichita is affiliated with several hospitals and healthcare systems in the region They primarily offer students and residents a diverse range of clinical training opportunities. These affiliations include Via Christi Health, Wesley Medical Center, and the Robert J. Dole VA Medical Center, as well as others.

Additional Educational Resources in Wichita

While the KU School of Medicine-Wichita is the primary institution for medical education, we also have in Wichita a number of other educational programs and institutions in the medical field, including:

– Wichita State University: Offers programs in health professions, including nursing, physician assistant, and health sciences, providing pathways into healthcare careers.
– Newman University: Offers pre-medical and allied health programs, preparing students for further medical education or careers in healthcare fields.

Expanding Medical Training and Education

In addition to the formal MD program and residency training offered at KU School of Medicine-Wichita, the city’s healthcare institutions play a role in providing practical training opportunities for medical students and residents. These facilities often work with other medical schools / facilities to offer rotations and hands-on experiences in a variety of healthcare settings. These services range from primary care clinics to specialized units within hospitals.

Continuing Medical Education (CME)

For practicing physicians and healthcare professionals, Wichita offers many opportunities for continuing medical education. Hospitals and medical societies frequently host seminars, workshops, and conferences focused on the latest advancements in medical science, technology, and patient care practices. These CME activities are crucial for maintaining licensure and ensuring that Wichita’s medical professionals remain at the forefront of healthcare innovation.

Via Christi Health CME: Offers a range of CME courses and events designed to enhance the clinical minds and skills of healthcare providers.
– Wesley Healthcare: Provides educational programs and resources are focused on professional development and quality improvement in patient care.

Research Opportunities

The University of Kansas School of Medicine-Wichita and its affiliated hospitals are involved in clinical and translational research. This contributes to the advancement of medical knowledge and patient care. Medical students, residents, and faculty members are encouraged to participate in research projects. Hopefully this expands inquiry and innovation within Wichita’s medical community.

Looking to the Future of Medicine

The University of Kansas School of Medicine-Wichita stands as an important piece of the medical education in Wichita, is supported by a network of affiliated hospitals and clinics. These avenues of support train and educate its students and residents. While direct medical school options in Wichita may be limited, the city’s educational and healthcare institutions all together offer a robust foundation for aspiring medical professionals. Through comprehensive education programs, hands-on clinical training, and research opportunities, Wichita contributes significantly to the preparation and development of the next generation of healthcare providers.

The medical education in Wichita, with the University of Kansas School of Medicine-Wichita serves as the primary institution for aspiring doctors, students and medical professionals. Access is given to support and grow the educational environment. This environment is benefitted by Wichita’s wider healthcare programs, offering many avenues for medical training, specialization, and professional development.

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