Our Secret Wichita Hiking and Running Trails

Hello hikers and runners….So you think you have what it takes? Easy and difficult are the trails surrounding Wichita. This is what makes our Wichita trails so special. But let me share some of the secrets only locals who have been exploring these paths for years, know about.

Hidden Secrets & Tips for Wichita Hikers

Ever heard of the Chisholm Creek Park? It’s our little oasis. Nestled within the city, this place is where we escape the fast pace life. Walking these trails, you might spot deer, birds, and the changing seasons painting the area in colors you didn’t know existed. It’s our secret spot for peace and quiet, a place where you can recharge and share quiet moments with friends.

Then there’s the Wichita Mountains. Okay, they might not be a secret, but the paths we take are. We have found trails off the beaten path leading to breathtaking views. Only a few of us know these routes. They take you to spots where the city feels a million miles away. It’s where we go when we need to clear our head or have deep conversations.


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Running Beyond the Beaten Path

Time to turn our attention to Riverside Park. Sure, it’s popular, but did you know about the early morning runs we do there? It’s magical. The fog lifts off the river, and it feels like running through a dream. We have had some of our best ideas and heart-to-hearts on those runs. It’s not just running; it’s about sharing life together.

And for those night runs? We have got the Keeper of the Plains. Running by the monument at night, especially when the Ring of Fire is lit, is an experience out of this world. It is our way of connecting with the spirit of Wichita under the stars. Just a few of us do it, and now, you are invited.

Why These Hikes and Trails Matter to Us

You see, these spots aren’t just about the physical activity. They are where we’ve laughed, cried, and grown. Each step on these trails and each run through these parks is a memory. These places are where locals and visitors have bonded over shared struggles and triumphs, pushing each other to go further, both literally and metaphorically.

Our trails are more than just paths. They’re the backdrop to our friendships and conversations. These trails are where you can find or loose yourself, your choice. They are a part of what makes us a great city. And now, we’re sharing them with you, hoping you will find your own stories and memories here.

For Those Who Like to Use the Public Parks

Many of us only have a few minutes to enjoy the outdoors and this eliminates the long several hour hikes or runs.  Wichita is blessed with many public parks you can enjoy nearly year round.  We have a section in this city guide devoted to city parks.  

Are You Ready for Your Next Hike or Run?

Lace up your shoes and step into the paths waiting for you in Wichita. Whether it’s finding peace in the quiet of Chisholm Creek Park, the awesome sunrise during a Riverside Park run, or feeling the magic of the Keeper of the Plains at night, this is where you need to be. Best of all, we enjoy sharing it with you, our new friend. Welcome to Wichita, where every trail and path is a new excitement ready to be discovered.

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