Discover the Wichita Thunder Hockey Team

Since its inception in 1992, the Wichita Thunder has entertained thousands each game and has become a centerpiece Wichita Kansas’ sports culture. This team participants in the ECHL. Did you know the Thunder clinched the prestigious CHL championship not once, but twice, in the early 1990s? These victories in 1994 and 1995 showcased the team’s immediate impact and competitive spirit.

Wichita Thunder Breaking Records and Setting

Over the years, the Thunder has seen some remarkable athletes perform on the ice. One standout moment was when a Thunder player shattered the league record for the fastest goal in a game’s history, scoring in just a breathtaking 5 seconds from the opening faceoff. 

Such moments are not merely statistics; they are proof of the skill and dedication defining Wichita’s hockey.


Wichita Thunder Professional Ice Hockey (ECHL)

The Community's Arena: INTRUST Bank Arena

INTRUST Bank Arena is the home of the Wichita Thunder. Since opening its doors in 2010, the arena has welcomed millions of fans, with Thunder games often drawing crowds rivaling concerts and other major events. Come and experience the energy of over 13,000 fans, the maximum capacity, coming together, creating an electrifying atmosphere hard to find anywhere else.

From Fans to Players: Grassroots Growth and Local Heroes

Wichita’s passion for hockey goes past professional games. The city has seen a surge in youth hockey programs, with local rinks reporting a significant increase in enrollment following the Thunder’s championship runs. This grassroots growth is crucial, not only for finding future talent but for strengthening the community’s bond with the sport. It’s a cycle of inspiration, where today’s fans become tomorrow’s players.

The Thunder Experience: Unique Traditions and Fan Engagement

Every sports team has traditions, but the Wichita Thunder’s unique fan engagement initiatives set it apart. Have you heard about the annual “Teddy Bear Toss”? Fans are encouraged to bring stuffed animals to a game and toss them onto the ice when the Thunder scores its first goal. These toys are then collected and donated to local children’s hospitals, a beautiful combination of community spirit and sportsmanship.

A Review of the Ups and Downs of Thunder Hockey

The path taken by the Wichita Thunder is a roller coaster feeling at best. The team has faced challenges, from tough seasons to the uncertainties brought about by global events. Yet, the support from the community never wavers. In seasons where victories were scarce, the fans’ loyalty and spirit remained unbroken. A proud hockey fan is what Wichita has grown to expect.

Review of Thunder History

Groundbreaking Moments in Thunder History

Inaugural Season Success: The Wichita Thunder had an impressive debut in the CHL (Central Hockey League) in the 1992-1993 season, making it to the playoffs. This early success was a sign of the excitement of the years to come for hockey in Wichita.
Championship Pedigree: The Thunder won back-to-back CHL championships in 1994 and 1995. These early triumphs cemented the team’s status as a formidable force in the league and laid the foundation for a proud tradition of excellence.
Transition to the ECHL: In 2014, the Wichita Thunder made a significant move by transitioning from the CHL to the ECHL, joining a league spanning the United States. The ECHL is a tier below the AHL and the NHL. This move represented a new chapter for the team, competing on a larger stage and against a wide array of nationwide teams.

Noteworthy Players and Records

Player Achievements: Throughout its history, the Thunder has been home to players who have achieved significant milestones, such as leading the league in scoring, being named to All-Star teams, or winning league MVP awards. These individual achievements highlight the talent that has been part of the Thunder’s roster.
Development and Advancement: The Wichita Thunder serves as a stepping stone for players aspiring to reach higher levels of professional hockey. Numerous Thunder alumni have gone on to sign contracts with AHL and NHL teams, showcasing the role the team plays in developing and spotlighting hockey talent.

Unique Traditions and Fan Experiences

Special Jersey Nights: The Thunder hosts themed jersey nights, where the team wears special, limited-edition jerseys. These events often include auctions for the game-worn jerseys, with proceeds going to charity, offering fans a unique way to own a piece of Thunder history while supporting good causes.
Youth Hockey and Engagement: The team is actively involved in promoting youth hockey in Wichita, including hosting clinics, workshops, and meet-and-greet events with players. These initiatives help inspire the next generation of hockey players and fans in the area.

On-Ice Innovations and Entertainment

Game Day Experience: The Thunder is known for its engaging game-day experiences, with entertainment that goes beyond the action on the ice. From interactive fan zones to in-game contests and promotions, attending a Thunder game is an event filled with excitement for fans of all ages.
Community Involvement: While distinct from expressing community pride, the Thunder’s involvement in local initiatives, from educational programs to health and wellness campaigns, demonstrates a commitment to being more than just a hockey team. These efforts show the team’s role in contributing to the well-being and development of Wichita and its residents.

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