Wichita Weather

Wichita is graced with a continental climate, marked by its distinct seasons and varying weather patterns. The weather in and around Wichita greatly influences the city’s lifestyle, culture, economy, and architectural design. Adapting to the unique challenges and opportunities of this climate, residents have fostered a lifestyle celebrating the changes of their environment. From seasonal outdoor activities to landscaping and architectural practices designed for efficiency and comfort, Wichita’s response to its climate showcases the city’s adaptability and creativity. Recognizing the dynamic relationship between weather and daily life is crucial for anyone living in or visiting Wichita.

Understanding Wichita's Climate

Wichita’s weather features hot summers and cold winters, a hallmark of the Great Plains. The city benefits from a significant amount of sunshine throughout the year, with varied humidity levels.

Summers can get quite warm, pushing residents to find respite during the peak sun hours, while winters bring a crisp cold that transforms the landscape. This climate, typical for the region, makes Wichita an inviting destination for those who appreciate the stark beauty of the seasons.

Wichita Elevation:   1,864 ft (569 m)

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Wichita Weather Yearly Averages

Average High Temperature:  69.3. °F
Average Low Temperature:   46.5 °F
The Average Temperature in Wichita:  62.8 °F
Rainfall per year:  34.34 inches
Rainy Days per year average:  85 
Snowfall per year:  12.71″
Average Wind Speed: 11.5 mph
Record Lowest temperature; -22 °F  – February 12, 1899
Record Highest temperature:  114 °F   August 12, 1936

Average Monthly
High & Low Temperatures (F°)

January  44°  /  25°
February  49°  /  29°
March  60 ° /  38°
April  59°  /  48°
May  77°  /  57°
June  87°  /  67°
July  92°  /  71°
August  91°  /  70°
September  83°  /  61°
October  70°  /  49°
November  57°  /  38°
December  45°  /  27°

Summer Weather in Wichta Henderson

Summers in Wichita are characterized by warmth and vibrant sun. Daytime temperatures often climb above 90°F, with July standing as the warmest month. The nights offer a cooler atmosphere, ideal for enjoying the city’s bustling summer life. Sun protection and staying hydrated are essential during this season. Despite the warmth, summer evenings in Wichita are lively, filled with outdoor concerts, festivals, and activities. While severe weather is unusual, Wichita’s residents and visitors should stay prepared for summer storms, which can bring about sudden changes. Awareness and preparedness for these weather events are key to enjoying Wichita’s summer safely and to the fullest.

Winter Weather in Wichita

Winters introduce a cooler, sometimes icy, embrace to Wichita. Average daytime temperatures hover around the 30s to 40s°F, a welcome change from the summer heat. Snowfall adds a serene beauty to the city, painting landscapes in shades of white. This season is perfect for indoor cultural events or exploring the crisp outdoor beauty that Wichita winters have to offer.

Spring and Fall Weather in Wichita

The transitional seasons of spring and fall are cherished by Wichita’s residents. With average highs in the 60s and 70s°F, these months promise comfortable days followed by cool evenings. Clear skies and gentle breezes make spring and fall ideal for a range of activities, from leisurely park visits to community festivals celebrating the arts, food, and local culture.

Weather Influences on Economic Activities

In Wichita, the weather significantly shapes various sectors of the local economy, especially those related to agriculture, tourism, and outdoor recreation. The distinct seasons allow for a variety of crops to be grown, supporting the agricultural sector. Meanwhile, the city’s rich array of seasonal activities boosts tourism and the service industry. Outdoor sports and recreation businesses flourish, offering everything from cycling and running to bird watching and fishing. Weather considerations also guide the construction and energy sectors, emphasizing sustainable practices and designs that cater to Wichita’s climate.

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