Wichita's Senior "Things To Do"

For those Seniors looking for a new activity in the Wichita area we have 100 items for you.  Or, maybe you may have experienced something years ago and now you would like to rediscover the thrill again.  The following suggestions on how to keep active in Wichita area will brighten your days activities.  Below you will see 100 items you can enjoy while living or visiting Wichita.  In addition to the “Senior” section of :Things To Do” we also offer you “Things To Do” for Families and Adults.

The “Things To Do” items listed below range from free to a small cost.  To be clear, none of these items listed paid to be on this list and we do not receive any compensation for listing them.  This is designed to give you the best Wichita experience. 
Wichita always has something new and exciting to experience.

100 "Things To Do" for Seniors in Wichita Area

1-50 Senior Things To Do

1. Join a Senior Yoga Class at a local community center, tailored for older adults to improve flexibility and balance.
2. Participate in a Gardening Club at Botanica, The Wichita Gardens, where seniors can engage in gardening activities and enjoy the beauty of nature.
3. Attend a Historical Lecture Series offered by the Wichita-Sedgwick County Historical Museum, focusing on aspects of local and national history.
4. Enjoy Senior Movie Mornings at a local theater like the Warren Oldtown Theater Grille, offering discounted screening in a social setting.
5. Take part in a Walking Group that meets regularly to explore Wichita’s parks and trails at a comfortable pace.
6. Enroll in a Painting or Crafts Workshop at CityArts, designed for seniors to explore their artistic side in a supportive environment.
7. Visit the Kansas Aviation Museum for guided tours that delve into Wichita’s rich aviation history, with senior discounts available.
8. Participate in a Book Club at the Wichita Public Library, focused on literature that resonates with the senior community.
9. Attend a Classical Music Concert by the Wichita Symphony Orchestra, offering a selection of performances that appeal to classical music enthusiasts.
10. Engage in a Senior Fitness Class designed to improve strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular health, available at local YMCA’s or senior centers.
11. Join a Photography Club for seniors, exploring Wichita’s scenic spots and learning photography skills together.
12. Attend a Tea Tasting Event or high tea afternoon at local cafes like Chelmsford Tea, offering a relaxed and refined experience.
13. Explore the Ulrich Museum of Art, taking advantage of docent-led tours that highlight contemporary art and sculpture.
14. Participate in a Culinary Class focused on healthy cooking and nutrition for seniors, available at culinary schools or community centers.
15. Enjoy Guided Bird Watching Tours at the Great Plains Nature Center, offering a gentle outdoor activity and learning experience.
16. Attend Workshops at the Advanced Learning Library, covering topics from technology to local history, tailored for senior learners.
17. Take a Scenic Drive through the Flint Hills, stopping at points of interest and enjoying the natural beauty of Kansas.
18. Engage in a Wichita Bowling League at a senior center, combining fun and light physical activity.
19. Visit the Old Cowtown Museum for a leisurely walk through history, with live demonstrations and events throughout the year.
20. Join a Ballroom Dancing Class tailored for seniors, offering a fun way to stay active and meet new people.
21. Participate in a Senior Day at the Sedgwick County Zoo, with special programs and walking tours designed for older adults.
22. Attend a Genealogy Workshop to learn about researching family history, offered at local historical societies or libraries.
23. Enjoy a Picnic at O.J. Watson Park, taking advantage of the serene lake and picnic facilities.
24. Take part in a Volunteer Program at Botanica, contributing to the community while enjoying the garden’s beauty.
25. Explore the Wichita Art Scene with a senior’s art tour, visiting galleries and artist studios with transportation provided.
26. Join a Senior’s Golf League at one of Wichita’s public golf courses, tailored for senior players.
27. Attend a Play or Musical at the Wichita Community Theatre, featuring matinee performances with senior discounts.
28. Participate in a Bridge or Mahjong Group at a local senior center, combining social interaction with mental stimulation.
29. Explore the Sedgwick County Extension Arboretum, offering leisurely walks among themed gardens and educational programs.
30. Visit the Wichita Center for the Arts for senior-focused art exhibitions and cultural events.
31. Attend a Lecture at the Wichita Art Museum on art history or specific art movements, tailored for seniors.
32. Participate in Senior Bowling Leagues at Northrock Lanes, offering a social and active way to spend time.
33. Join a Water Aerobics Class specifically designed for seniors at the Northwest YMCA, focusing on low-impact exercises.
34. Visit the Mid-America All-Indian Center to learn about the rich Native American heritage of the region through workshops and exhibits.
35. Take a Leisurely Stroll through the Historic Delano District, exploring its unique shops and restaurants at a relaxed pace.
36. Join a Senior Book Writing Workshop, encouraging seniors to write and share their life stories or fictional tales.
37. Attend a Cooking Demonstration at the Wichita Sedgwick County Extension Office, focusing on nutritious meals for seniors.
38. Participate in a Digital Photography Class for seniors, learning to capture and edit photos.
39. Enjoy a Live Theater Matinee Performance at Roxy’s Downtown, with shows appealing to a senior audience.
40. Explore the Kansas Wildlife Exhibit in Central Riverside Park, offering easy walking paths and close-up views of local wildlife.
41. Attend a Classic Car Show in Wichita, where seniors can reminisce about the automobiles of their youth.
42. Participate in a Local History Tour of Wichita’s landmarks, offering insights into the city’s past.
43. Join a Senior’s Choir or Musical Group, enjoying the camaraderie and joy of performing music together.
44. Visit the Wichita Toy Train Club & Museum on a special seniors’ day, featuring model trains and railroad history exhibits.
45. Take a Guided Nature Walk at Chapin Park, tailored for seniors to enjoy the flora and fauna at a leisurely pace.
46. Attend a Senior Health and Wellness Fair, offering screenings, workshops, and information on maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
47. Participate in a Pottery and Ceramics Class at Mark Arts, offering courses tailored for senior skill levels.
48. Enjoy a Senior Dance Night with music from the 50s, 60s, and 70s, hosted at local community centers.
49. Attend a Workshop on Smart Devices and Technology for seniors, helping to stay connected with friends and family.
50. Explore the Local Farmers Market with a group, enjoying the fresh produce and local goods at a leisurely pace.

51-100 Senior Things To Do

51. Join a Tai Chi Class in the Park, focusing on gentle movements and stress reduction, perfect for seniors.
52. Attend a Senior’s Day at the Sedgwick Park Miniature Train, offering rides and picnics in the park.
53. Participate in a Senior Craft Fair, either as a vendor showcasing your crafts or as a visitor.
54. Enjoy a Guided Bus Tour to a Nearby Attraction or scenic spot outside Wichita, organized specifically for seniors.
55. Attend a Senior’s Film Discussion Group, where classic films are screened and discussed in a friendly setting.
56. Join a Model Building Workshop, focusing on model airplanes, cars, or trains, tailored for senior interests.
57. Participate in a Local Knitting or Crocheting Circle, creating items for charity or personal projects in a social setting.
58. Visit the Wichita-Sedgwick County Historical Museum for a special exhibit on local history with guided tours for seniors.
59. Join a Senior Walking Club that explores different neighborhoods or parks each week.
60. Attend a Tea and Talk Event at a local museum or art gallery, combining cultural enrichment with social interaction.
61. Participate in a Senior’s Technology Club at a local library, focusing on internet safety, social media, and using smart devices.
62. Attend an Oral History Project Workshop, where seniors can learn how to record and preserve personal and family histories.
63. Join a Senior’s Fitness Challenge at a community center, designed to promote health and wellness with activities suited for various fitness levels.
64. Take a Guided Tour of the Great Plains Nature Center, focusing on the plant life and natural history of the region.
65. Enjoy a Senior’s Jazz Brunch with live music and a delightful menu at a local cafe or restaurant.
66. Participate in a Birdhouse Building Workshop, combining craftsmanship with learning about local bird species.
67. Join a Book-to-Film Club, where members read books and then watch the movie adaptations together, followed by a discussion.
68. Attend a Senior’s Gardening Seminar, focusing on container gardening, herb gardens, and low-maintenance plants.
69. Participate in a Historical Quilting Bee, learning about quilting traditions while contributing to a community quilt.
70. Join a Workshop on Navigating Public Transportation, designed to help seniors use Wichita’s transit system more effectively.
71. Attend a Lecture Series on Nutrition and Aging, focusing on dietary needs and healthy eating habits for seniors.
72. Participate in a Senior’s Poetry Writing Workshop, offering a platform to express creativity and share stories through poetry.
713. Take a Guided Art Appreciation Tour at a local gallery, focusing on the appreciation and critique of various art forms.
714. Enjoy a Classic Film Series at a Community Center, focusing on films from the golden age of cinema, with discussions afterward.
715. Attend a Workshop on Environmental Conservation for Seniors, learning about sustainable living practices and local conservation efforts.
716. Join a Walking History Tour of Historic Wichita Neighborhoods, exploring the architecture and stories of the city’s past.
77. Participate in a Senior’s Crafting Fair, showcasing handmade goods, from knitting to woodworking, in a community setting.
78. Attend a “Living History” Event at a local museum, where actors portray historical figures from Wichita’s past.
79. Participate in a Watercolor Painting Workshop, learning techniques and creating artwork in a supportive environment.
80. Join a Senior’s Tai Chi Practice in the Park, focusing on gentle exercise and meditation in a scenic outdoor setting.
81. Attend a Genealogy Workshop Series, focusing on advanced research techniques and digital resources for tracing family history.
82. Participate in a Senior’s Book Exchange, encouraging the sharing and discussion of favorite books among peers.
83. Join a Community Service Project, such as volunteering at a food bank or participating in a park clean-up, tailored for senior abilities.
84. Attend a Lecture on Local Flora and Fauna, focusing on the wildlife and plants native to the Wichita area.
85. Participate in a Senior’s Photography Contest, focusing on capturing the beauty of Wichita through the lens.
86. Attend a Workshop on Meditation and Mindfulness for Seniors, promoting mental well-being and relaxation techniques.
87. Join a Senior’s Sing-Along Event, featuring songs from different eras, fostering a fun and inclusive atmosphere.
88. Participate in a Senior’s Drama Club, offering opportunities to act, direct, or work behind the scenes in theater productions.
89. Attend a “Tea and Tales” Storytelling Event, where seniors share personal stories and experiences in a cozy setting.
90. Join a Discussion Group on Current Events, encouraging informed discussions and social interaction among seniors.
Certainly! Here are 10 additional unique activities for adults in Wichita, ensuring fresh experiences without repeating any previous suggestions:
91. Participate in a Community Mural Painting Project: Join local artists in creating a mural, contributing to Wichita’s vibrant public art scene.
92. Attend a Sourdough Bread Making Workshop: Learn the art of making sourdough from scratch in a hands-on workshop, perfect for culinary enthusiasts.
93. Explore the Night Sky at Lake Afton Public Observatory: Spend an evening stargazing and learning about the cosmos with experts guiding you.
94. Join a Local History Bike Tour: Cycle through historical neighborhoods and landmarks while learning about Wichita’s rich past.
95. Experience a Glass blowing Demonstration: Watch skilled artisans at work and try your hand at glassblowing at a local studio.
96. Participate in an Urban Gardening Class: Learn about sustainable gardening practices that you can apply in your own urban space.
97. Take a Craft Cocktail Workshop: Master the art of cocktail making with lessons from Wichita’s top mixologists.
98. Enjoy a Live Poetry Slam or Spoken Word Night: Experience the power of poetry and spoken word at a local cafe or venue.
99. Attend a Specialty Coffee Tasting Event: Explore the nuances of coffee flavors and brewing techniques with a tasting session at a local roastery.
100. Join a Stand-Up Paddleboarding (SUP) Class on the Arkansas River: Get active and have fun learning to paddleboard on the river, suitable for all skill levels.

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